Intellectual Property Notes 01/13/2009

Intellectual Property Notes 01/15/2009


IP Administrative Notes 01/12/2009


Patent Extra 01/05/2009


Supreme Court Bonus Issue 06/09/2008




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Above is a sampling of IP Notes, IP Administrative Notes and Patent Extra, our electronic publications dedicated to intellectual property law, which delivers to your email. The publications are sent in html format, but if your email system cannot handle html formatting, we will provide an online version.  IP Notes covers IP cases from federal courts (district, circuit, and Supreme Court), as well as important state law cases.  IP Admin Notes covers administrative agency decisions (i.e., TTAB, Patent Board, International Trade Commission, ICANN, Customs Bureau, etc.).  Patent Extra covers patent cases at the district court level.  When an IP-related case is heard by the Supreme Court, you receive a bonus issue that same day.

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